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How I Plan - Part I - Going Digital

Brittany Mills

Posted on June 18 2018

Finding the right planning system is not an easy task! Over the past few years, the planner market has exploded which is great because you have so many options, but is challenging because you have so. many. options.

For me, planning is much more than staying organized and productive. It is something I enjoy doing every Sunday to get excited for the week ahead. It allows me to be creative while producing something that is functional and useful at the same time.

Right now, I am currently using three (don’t judge) planners to help me stay organized with, well, life. I love seeing how others plan for inspiration and to try new things.

I should mention that I use the term ‘planners’ lightly. I have one that I use as your traditional planner. Meetings, travel, to-do lists and such. I use one for my Bible journaling which is something I’m just starting off in and find that a planner system works for me. The last one is used to manage my business. 

So, I figured I would share with you how I am currently planning in hopes that it not only provides some creative inspiration but so you can follow along with my weekly planner layout posts on my Instagram. In this three-part series, I’ll walk through how I use each one of my planners. First up, let me introduce you to my digital planner!

DID YOU KNOW? You can also view my Plan With Me videos each week to see how I use my digital planner and sticker sheets! 

This is the planner that goes with me everywhere. Digital planning is something that I started to get into last year and haven’t found a reason why I shouldn’t stick with this system. It just works for me. Mainly because I am always sketching on my iPad (using the Procreate app and my Apple Pencil) and so transitioning from paper to the screen wasn’t a big issue for me.

How do I plan on my iPad?

I use the Goodnotes 4 app on the app store which is a basic note taking app. It lets you create ‘journals’ with ruled, blank or grid style paper. You could stop there and bullet journal in the default options that come with the app. For me, it wasn’t enough. I wanted to still have the benefit of monthly tabs, weekly and monthly layouts and specialty pages.

Because of this, I designed my own planner that you can import into the Goodnotes 4 app! I started off with a horizontal layout but found that I like the vertical much more in a digital planner. Mainly because you can import photos into your digital planner since it is right on your iPad and the vertical layout just looks nicer with those additions. All of the tabs are interactive so you can easily skip around to different sections. You can also navigate by swiping which I do when I go week-to-week.

After I import my digital planner, I still have access to the basic features of the app. Writing, ‘cutting images’, pens and highlights, etc. Not to mention I can import countless digital sticker sheets to still design out my weeks. Right now, I have them all on my main dashboard (image below), but thinking of organizing them in their own digital sticker book.

Since this is my go-to planner, I use it to track birthdays and occasions, travel plans, meetings, daily to-dos and note taking. It syncs with my iPhone so I can still use it when I am carrying a clutch or can’t get to my iPad.

The best part is I have access to all of my goodies to plan right in my iPad. I can sit in bed and plan or grab it and head to Starbucks and enjoy a cup of coffee. I travel a lot and it is great to plan and use while on the road.

And, for those weeks when you are starting a new project or hosting a big party and need more room - you can easily add blank, ruled or grid papers after or before your week so you don’t clutter up your layout.

Here’s all you need to know if you are interested in seeing if this works for you:

  • iPad Pro (you can use other tablets that work with a stylus, but I prefer to use Goodnotes which is an Apple only app right now.)
  • Apple Pencil or stylus of your choice.
  • Goodnotes 4 app (FREE)
  • Digital Planner (few things to look for when you are searching)
    • Interactive Tabs
    • Color scheme you like
    • Layout options
    • dated/undated (I prefer undated)
    • Specialty sections (I like to have these extra sections for activities and such so everything is all in one place)
  • (Optional) Digital stickers unless you want to keep it simple! I like the themed sheets because it has everything you need and the graphic style, colors and fonts all match.
  • For some quick video tutorials to get started check out my Youtube channel
  • Here are all my favorite iPad accessories - all on Amazon!

Follow me on IG for weekly photos to show how I am planning that week!

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Here are some of my spreads from this year! To view more - follow my Digital Planning Pinterest Board.

NEW: You can also view my Plan With Me videos each week to see how I use my digital planner and sticker sheets! 

Next post will go over my planner that I am using for Bible Journaling and how I have set up a system to track my thoughts, topics of the day/week and more! 


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  • Jessica: June 19, 2018

    Do you use the vertical or horizontal digital planner?

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