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How I Plan - Part III - Managing My Business

Brittany Mills

Posted on June 30 2018

I hope that getting a look into my planners and how I use each one to organize different areas of my life has been helpful! Part I and Part II covered my digital planner and how I Bible Journal in my planner. This last post will cover how I use my third planner to manage my business, Stylish & Co which includes Stylish Planner. 

If you are a boss babe you understand the time, dedication and sacrifice it requires to take your dream into a legit business. Whether it is a side business that gives you some extra spending money, or a full-time growing business, staying organized is key to your success. 

I understand what it's like to not only create your brand and products, but to manage your orders, website, social media, emails, customer questions and more (insert anxious feeling). You find yourself waking up with a full head and using your phone or whatever is closest to jot down ideas and random thoughts that you need to add to your never-ending to-do list. 

I immediately got a planner to keep track of nothing else but my business, goals and ideas and really think that is the only thing that keeps me from going insane. My amazing customers help too :) 

First things first, finding the perfect planner. I knew that I needed plenty of white space since my business planner tends to have the most added on my daily and monthly view. I also knew I wanted something to help me plan/recap the month so when I looked back I could remember the key milestones or items that I accomplished. Whether that is hitting a goal in orders or when domains expire or I paid my local taxes. Because of this, I designed The Stylish Way Planner to track dates in a way that works for me which is the one featured below.

I also knew I wanted one that allows me to update the cover (interchangeable covers) with my favorite motivational quotes. Lastly, I needed a notes section to jot down those random thoughts that keep me up at night! 

The things that are important to me to track on a monthly basis include:

  • Schedule for email campaigns
  • Sales
  • Important dates for my business operations (GDPR, taxes due, etc) 
  • Launch dates for new products
  • Marketing campaigns (these are not always planned ahead but I always make sure I go back and document when I launch a product campaign)

In my week-to-week layouts, it is important for me to have the following:  

Vertical Spread: I found that a vertical spread works best for me to track separate items throughout the week. I use each row for a different item I need to plan for and track. Lately, those have been 'Must Do', 'Campaigns', and 'Reminders'. Here is a look at that layout:

Key dates: I like to use the empty box at the top to mark dates that correlate with my monthly plans. This way these key dates don't get lost and when I look ahead to prepare for campaigns or planned sales, I can easily work backwards with what is needed to launch. 

Order processing days are also tracked on that top box so that I do my best to get things out before or on time. 

Marketing Campaigns: I track what campaigns are launching and this helps me track what drove new followers or sales in my shop. When I go back and print a report for the monthly sales, I can then go back and look at my planner to see what drove those new customers or purchases. 

Must-Do List: I have a list in my head of what I want to accomplish for my business and unless I break it out day-by-day and week-by-week I will not be able to tackle it. I take my list one day at a time and if I can accomplish what I have planned, it is a good day! Things will occasionally get rearranged and that's okay. As long as I have that task written down and out of my head it is one step closer to being crossed off! 

I found that spending the time to sit and decorate while I plan helps me to be more thoughtful while I organize and to really make sure I am thorough in what I need to accomplish. I enjoy getting up early on the weekend, making a ridiculously large size cup of coffee and planning out my week ahead. My favorite stickers to use are from The Happy Planner because there are dedicated 'productivity' and 'boss babe' sticker books that seem to have the boxes that keep my tasks contained. 

To see my weekly spreads in this planner and all of my other planners, follow me on Instagram

I hope this series was helpful to you and that it brought some inspiration to your planner routine! Tag me in your spreads so I can see how you plan!



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