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Plan With Me: Tropical Elegance

Brittany Mills

Posted on June 05 2017

Hi planner babes! I have had so many requests from the planner community to show what MY planner looks like inside on a weekly basis. So, here it is - hoping I can make this a Sunday ritual and update weekly! 

First, a little bit about my planner journey. Thinking back, I have actually always had an obsession with planners - ever since I got my first school agenda in middle school. I loved planning and decorating my planner with my mom's scrapbook supplies - much to her dismay. During college - I really stepped up my planner game and wouldn't leave the house without it. Back then, I was using whatever pretty planners Target had at the time. 

You all can thank my friend, Tiffany, for changing my life by introducing me to Erin Condren. That's when shit got serious. I really began personalizing my planners however I could - stickers, pens, inserts, whatever I could find at Michaels to turn into a Saturday project. 

I then decided to take a stab at making my own cover that really represented my style - floral, watercolors and BRIGHT. That is how Stylish Planners all began. I have always been artistic and filling up sketch books, painting and going to art classes every Saturday morning. I finally found a way to share my passion with others (planning and drawing). 

Now to the good stuff - a look inside (and outside) my planner this week. Right now, I am using The Happy Planner® - classic size. 

I love the pink and black color combo and that comes through in a lot of my weekly and monthly spreads. This week is no exception. I also like to match my planner cover with my weekly spread. I do have quite a large collection at my disposal 😬

Products used listed below! Hope you find some sort of inspiration from my planner style! 

Keep planning,


Planner Goodies Used:

  • Planner Cover - Stylish Planners (NOTE: this design is being archived and can be found on my Etsy Shop till June 30th. It will not be available on this new online store)
  • Planner Tassel - Hobby Lobby
  • Palm Tree Washi Tape - The Planner Society; May Monthly Washi Tape Subscription
  • Gold Washi Tape Roll - Michaels in Recollections Washi Tape Tube
  • Black Polk-a-dot Roll - Michaels in Recollections Washi Tape Tube
  • Black Doodle Washi Tape Roll - Michaels in The Happy Planner® 'Watercolor' Tube
  • Diamond Pen - camilaximena Etsy Shop
  • Planner Bookmark - Stylish Planners - COMING SOON to this shop!
  • Various Planner Stickers - two MAMBI sticker books (photos below) from Michaels. 


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  • Hazel Pierre: June 09, 2017

    Very pretty! It’s nice to see what planner you use and how you decorate it. Thanks for sharing! ?

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