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You might have seen my obsessive posts on Instagram about my new found love for digital planners...if you haven't, consider this your introduction! 

Over the years, I have bounced from planner type to planner type trying to find one that works with my daily, weekly and monthly needs. Not to mention my random to-do lists, grocery lists, reminders, Stylish Planner ideas, etc. I stumbled across digital planning on YouTube months ago but didn't really think it would work because of my love for planner stickers and need to visually plan out my weeks. I wish I could take credit for this concept (because it is brilliant!), but I am happy to jump in feet first and excited to share it with all of you!

First - let me go over some items that are needed to properly use a digital planner. You will need the following...

  1. Tablet or smartphone. I prefer a tablet (iPad Pro) to have ample space to draw, write and create. The beauty of digital planning is that your planner will sync across devices as long as you have the app downloaded on both... which brings me to requirement #2.
  2. PDF viewer app that allows for annotations and interactive links. I prefer to use GoodNotes 4 for my iPad and iPhone. You can also use digital planners with apps on the Google Play store such as MetaMoji
  3. Lastly, you will need a stylus or Apple Pencil to write, highlight, draw, etc throughout your digital planner. MAKE SURE YOUR TABLET RESPONDS TO A STYLUS. Some iPad generations won't work. 

Now, to the fun part - the actual planner! I have created a digital planner that represents my planner style, but working on both vertical and horizontal layouts and with neutral and pink accent options. More digital planner options will be added to the shop on 12/5. You can view our OG option here

OG Undated Pink Digital Planner - 12 months

OG Features (shown in images below)

  • Interactive Planner - tap throughout the entire planner via the tabs
  • Floral Cover
  • Undated - download and use year after year
  • Monthly and weekly layouts
  • OG Bonus sections include: Notes, Buy, Important Dates, To-Do, Boss
  • Ample room to write and add digital stickers (coming soon to our shop)
  • Sync on multiple devices
  • Leverage App's editing feature and have hundreds of pen colors at your fingertips

Floral Cover Shown. Your planner will import into a dashboard like this (disclaimer: pink cover is our OG digital planner - the Black Floral Planner is a new release coming 12/5!) 

Monthly View 

Weekly Horizontal View - Vertical not offered with this option.

Now, here is a look at how I have decorated my planner in GoodNotes 4 with our OG digital planner. I have a large library of digital files that I am using as stickers - not all of these will be available for sale. 

digital planner

digital planner stylish planner

harry potter digital planner layout

I am having a blast planning this are a few reasons why:

  • You know when you do a weekly layout a few weeks in advance and then that week gets here and you aren't feeling it anymore...well this solves that problem. Create and recreate a layout as many times as you want! 
  • You can plan anywhere! You have access to your digital stickers as long as you have your ipad/tablet! 
  • You can easily add any of your photos on your tablet/phone into your layouts which now allows you to memory plan while you plan! 

I am still new and I am sure my digital planner style will evolve, but I am bringing you guys along for the ride! 

Lastly - here is a sneak peek at what our new Deluxe Digital Planners will have.(disclaimer: if you already purchased our OG digital planner you will be getting an email from me with this new file. I feel it is only fair for my first shoppers to have this enhanced version for 2018.) Which reminds me, you will not be able to 'add to' a digital planner. Once we begin to expand our collection, you will be able to buy 'mini digital books' that will be themed. For example, a fitness tracker, recipe book, etc. They will live in your app of choice and you can organize however you'd like, but it will be a new file. Hope that makes sense! 

Features of our new Deluxe Digital Planner

  • Vertical and Horizontal layouts available
  • Neutral and Pink accent options (black option shown below)
  • Bonus 'starter sticker tab' with quotes, digital washi tape, various planner stickers and quick links to shop our latest digital arrivals.
  • Customize the cover itself! Add your name, inspirational quote, images or whatever your heart desires. Best part - you can change it each day if you'd like! 
  • Wider planner pages to create on

I think I have blabbered enough for now. I hope this inspires your planning style - whatever that might be! Comment with questions/thoughts/ideas!