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The Digital Planner Club

The Digital Planner Club is a great way to keep your digital planner game on point and to get exclusive access to new designs every month by Britt!


The Digital Planning Club is a great way to keep your digital planner game on point and to get exclusive access to new designs every month.

You will get immediate access to new exclusive downloads each month! Each month will have a theme and will only be available with the DPC. The monthly downloads will include: 

- Digital Sticker Sheet ($5.50 Value) 

- Digital Planner Cover ($4.00 Value) 

- Digital Insert Sheet ($4.00 Value) 

- Digital Planning Bonus (Exclusive to DPC) 

 $10 per month.  Cancel anytime and manage your membership right from your Stylish Planner profile!



When do I get my items? 

Once you join the club, you will get immediate access to the DPC download page to access your items! You just need to make sure you are signed into your Stylish Planner account so you are recognized. 

How much is it monthly and how do I pay?

The monthly subscription is $10 and it will charge you automatically after you sign up.  Right now, we are only accepting payments through Paypal but hope to include other payment options in the near future.

Can I cancel anytime? 

Yes! You can cancel anytime. You can access your DPC membership on your Account page. You must sign in to access this. 

IMPORTANT: Once you cancel you will not have access to the exclusive DPC page to access your monthly items.

Do I need a Digital Planner to be in the DPC?

We recommend that you already have your digital planner purchased and added to the GoodNotes 4 app.  All of the items you will receive are items that you can use with your Stylish Digital Planner, but you will not receive a full digital planner with membership. 

Do I need a Stylish Planner to use these monthly items?

No. The items you will receive monthly can be used with any Digital Stylish Planner or with any other Digital Planners.

What else do I need to use these monthly items?

We have created this quick overview of what you need to successfully plan on your iPad, tablet or phone. You can also visit our YouTube channel with lots of demo videos and digital planning tips!