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Stylish Planner FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions

*We update our FAQs regularly to accommodate customer feedback and changes in product collections*

For additional support, you can always email us directly. Please allow up-to 48-hours for a response. 

Product Questions

What is the difference between this new online shop and your Etsy account I used to purchase through?

First, thank you for being a customer with us on Etsy! It was our home for a long time and we will remain there for those that prefer to shop on Etsy. The only difference between our two shops is that you can find a much larger selection of planner accessories on this site, as well as our Home Collection. You can still expect the same level of quality and customer service on our new site that you came to expect with us on Etsy!


What sizes do you offer for your planner accessories (planner covers, dashboards, Traveler's Notebook dashboards, etc)? 

Planner Covers (Made to fit your Erin Condren Life Planner™, The Happy Planner® (all sizes), Recollections Planner or Plum Planner.)

Our Covers are made to fit these Planner Types Dimensions
 Erin Condren Life Planner™ 7"x9"
Erin Condren LG Notebook & Teacher Planner Size 8.5"x11"
The Happy Planner® CLASSIC (9-discs) 7.5"x9.5"
The Happy Planner® MINI (7-discs) 5"x7.25"
The Happy Planner® LARGE (11-discs)* 8.5"x11"
Recollections Planner** 7"x9"
Recollections Planner LARGE** 8.5"x11"
Plum Paper Planner 7.25"x9.25"
NEW! Mini Recollections Planner 4.5"x6.75"

*Please note that we punch all Happy Planner covers with the arc punch causing it to be 0.10" more shallower than the Happy Planner punch. Reason being is because the Happy Planner punch will not punch through the thickness of our lamination. Sizing is the same other than that. You will notice the slight variation on our IG and listing images.

**Recollection Planner offers two planner sizes. The planner covers we offer in the 7"x9" size does end up being the full 7.5"x9.25" size after lamination. The larger planner cover size we offer in the 8.5"x11" does end up being the full 9"x11.5" after lamination. 

Planner Dashboards

We offer three planner dashboard sizes. 

  1. A5 size - 5.75"x8.25" - hole punched and laminated with 5 mil packets
  2. Personal size - 3.75"x6.75" - hole punched and laminated with 5 mil packets
  3. Pocket size - 3.5"x5.5" - NOT hole punched. Laminated with 5 mil packets

Traveler's Notebook Dashboards

*Please note that these are all offered as digital files ONLY. After you purchase, you will receive a link to download your zip file which contains a PDF of the dashboard you purchased and a PDF of printing instructions.

I noticed that some of your planner cover designs have glitter accents - can I expect actual glitter on your covers? 

We do offer a collection of planner covers that have actual glitter, they are in our *Glitterific* Collection. Any others that feature glitter accents are through high resolution images and are NOT actual glitter accents. 

What is the thickness of your planner covers and dashboards?

All planner covers are laminated with 10mm laminator packets. Personal, A5 and pocket dashboards are laminated with 5mm laminator packets.

Do you hole punch your planner accessories? 

All covers and dashboards come hole punched to fit your planner size preference (chosen during checkout) unless otherwise stated as a note during checkout.

Please note that we punch all The Happy Planner® covers with the arc punch causing it to be 0.10" more shallower than The Happy Planner® punch. Reason being is because The Happy Planner® punch will not punch through the thickness of our lamination. Sizing is the same other than that. 

Do you sell the actual planner shown in pictures?

No. We do not sell the full planners that are shown in my listings. Those are for listing photos only to show how the planner covers and dashboards will fit your planner. We only sell planner accessories. We are not affiliated with Erin Condren Life Planner™, The Happy Planner® Recollections Planner or Plum Planner.

Will I get a front and back cover when I purchase a new planner cover from your shop? 

Yes. Each planner cover listing includes the front and back cover.

What does the inside of your planner covers look like? 

As of July 1, 2016 - the inside of covers will be white unless otherwise stated in the description.

Shipping Questions

When can I expect my item to ship?

All planner accessories are hand-made and ship within 10-12 business days. All items in our Home Collection vary in shipment time based on volume of orders. Typical ship time for items in our Home Collection is 5-10 business days. All planner accessories are shipped in bubble envelopes and with First Class postage to provide better protection for your products. Items from our Home Collection will arrive separately and in boxes with necessary bubble wrap to provide protection. 

My items shows that it has been delivered but I have not received it and/or it was lost in the mail. What do I do? 

If this happens to your order, please contact us and provide your order number so we can track the status. We will contact you via email to resolve the issue.

How do I track my order once shipped?

All customers will receive an email notification once your item has shipped with your tracking link.

Do you combine shipping if I already have an outstanding order?

Yes! We always check to see if you have any additional outstanding orders when fulfilling. If so, we will combine your orders and refund you the additional shipping charge. You will get an email from us letting you know you have received a refund. 

Design/Personalization Questions

Do you hand-draw all of your designs?

No. Britt hand-draws a lot of our designs to represent her planner style and to offer the widest selection of designs and accessories for our customers. We do believe in supporting (and giving credit) to the artist community and giving back to those who share the same business values and customer service. Because of that we do often feature various artists' illustrations on our products and do not and will not ever claim those illustrations as our own. Stylish Planners believes in inspiring and empowering those that are truly original, unique and hard working. We kindly ask for the same level of integrity with our original designs and for you to be original. 

How do I personalize a planner accessory that offers personalization? 

During checkout, you will see a box that allows text entry. Please enter any notes there so they appear on your product invoice and are applied to your order during processing. Here, you can leave your name for personalization or leave a note if you prefer to have your products unpunched. 

Stylish Rewards

What is Stylish Rewards?

Stylish Rewards is our way of showing how much we appreciate our customers! We have created several ways for you to unlock and earn Stylish Rewards to use for monetary value towards your next purchase. It is complete digital and you will get emails for every point you earn and when you have earned enough to use towards your next purchase! Go here to get started! 

Didn't find what you were looking for? Please email us here

 Can you add points from past orders?

Yes! We are more than happy to add points from past sales on our site! We are not transferring points made in other shops (i.e. Etsy Shop) to this shop. We only offer rewards for purchases made on this website. 

If you made a purchase and did not see the rewards in your account - please email us and we can add for you.


What is #newdayTuesday?

It is a way that we can say 'thank you' to our customers. Read all about it, here